Small Bolt Big Hole

Often as pilots we try to check everything in order to fly with the least amount of surprises. In the video below you will see a rare condition where some of the hardware on control surfaces that move become elongated. The reasons for it being rare is the elevators in this case move simultaneously so a opposing force would have to be created to cause the elongation. This can happen on an aircraft left outside subject to wind or bracing one side and not the other, etc. Either way this is not going to be an acceptable condition for flight and must be repaired before flying.

Clear Coating

Based on feedback we have provided a video to show the clear coat process. After the sails are heat shrunk; you will apply 4 coats of clear. The first coat is designed to provide a base for the rest of the coats to build on. This way the fabric does not absorb all of the clear coat. The remaining three coats are for the gloss/ UV protection. wait 20-30 min between coats depending on temperature and humidity. (ignore my "I just woke up"look).

From the looks of it.

Hardware can be tricky to inspect, some have cotter pins others are torqued, some are easily visible others are deep inside some crevice. However all serve a purpose and if some fail in flight it can have devastating consequences. Below is a picture of a bolt that was discovered to be excessively corroded, but by the looks from the head did not show any signs of wear or corrosion. A good tug on the part revealed its weakness.

Clear Coating the Sails

The sails can be used as is, However we highly advise against it in order to protect them from dirt and possibly a little UV, we sprayed them with clear polyurethane. This particular paint is PPG DU-1000. When doing the clear coat use a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) paint system. Also, this paint is really toxic to breathe, so you're going to need a forced-air breather system. you can build one from scratch using a filter mask and a small forced-air furnace fan connected by lots of tubing, We recommend renting or buying a commercial system. #AudienceEngagement #Blog

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