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A trip for the books!!

So a story was shared with us recently and really put in perspective the capabilities of the aircraft we make and fly.

This is one of two Buccaneer's flown from Florida to Columbia several years ago. Both had been modified to carry extra fuel and supplies. There is evidence of extensive field repairs! Recently Hugh purchased one of these Buccaneer XA, he said: "it has a 30 gallon fuel tank, some 3/16" flying wires, a Rotax 503 DCDI, and wing floats held in place with conduit. The prior owner said he had also packed some camping gear and field supplies in it too. Can you say OVERWEIGHT? " The plane isn't assembled and had been sitting in the corner of an open hangar for many years. Hugh is in the process of rebuilding it with plans to have it in the air by years end. Flying wires are three different diameters, almost every plastic tube saddle is broken, hull is not worth saving, and of course he will be recovering the wings, empennage, and fuselage top by gluing and painting the Dacron on. We wish you luck Hugh and commend you for saving History!!!

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