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What Can We Do For You?

At Aero Adventure we are committed to creating the best possible Aircraft for you, with the utmost care and quality that you truly deserve. To us, the job is not complete until we know that our customers are satisfied with the end-results. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to stay in the air, having tons of fun! contact us for more details.




  • Specifications:

  • Top Speed, mph 105

  • Cruise, mph 75-85

  • Range, sm 300

  • Stall, mph 38 with flap and 42 without flap

  • Rate of Climb 1200 (single pilot)

  • T/O Distance Land 250

  • T/O Distance Water 350

  • Landing Distance 200

  • Service Ceiling 13,500

  • Fuel Cap 12 or 23 Gallon

  • Empty Weight 880

  • Gross Weight 1430

  • Height 7' Length 23'

  • Wing Span 30'8"

  • Wing Area 161.7

  • Seats 2

  • Ret. Tailwheel



Rotax 912 series the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the same weight. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class ‒ no surprise that this engine is the best selling 4-stroke aircraft engine.


This series is available as non-certified (Rotax 912 ULS) and certified engine (Rotax 912 S) according to FAR 33.

  • 4-cylinder

  • 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders

  • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet

  • 2 carburetors

  • Mechanical fuel pump

  • Dual electronic ignition

  • Electric starter

  • Propeller speed reduction unit

  • Air intake system



STERNA was founded in 1996 and has been serving its customers in the fields of industry, transportation and aviation.
STERNA specializes in the design and manufacturing of carbon fiber fan blades and propellers for a variety of applications.
STERNA's in-house research and development has led to several patents and certifications on its products relating to high speed railway cooling fans, wind tunnel blades and aircraft propellers.


Through collaboration with private businesses, universities and strategic partners, STERNA has developed cutting edge technology and patented processes in the composite manufacturing industry.
STERNA takes great pride developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality products to its customers and in exceeding their expectations.

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